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  • I was shooting general b-roll in India and this group of boys suddenly showed up over my shoulder. What a blast!

  • Here we are in Evart, MI, setting up an early morning shot for Chasing Stars.

  • Making tweaks to a china ball while shooting The Artist.

  • Again, I was shooting some general b-roll of India when this crowd of people instantly showed up.

  • This was the entire crew of The Dancer - Josh, Naveen, me, Satish, and Naveen Raju, our translator and location coordinator. We had just finished shooting in the dry bed of the Godavari River and we were wiped out!

  • Here we are on top of a nearly-completed hospital shooting an interview with Jaya Sankar.

  • Just finished shooting onboard a Chinook helicopter for Pure Energy Advertising.

  • This was a shoot in India where I was placing 200 kids on some ancient steps for an evening golden hour shoot.

  • Shooting a few pick-up shots for The Dancer in the Dowlaiswaram market.

  • Directing another scene during Chasing Stars.

  • Working with Eric Balamucki on the set of Quarterboy.

  • These kids were a blast to work with! We had a great snowfall which made this scene look incredible in the final film.

  • Working with Jake on Chasing Stars.

  • Setting up the shot.